If you’re looking to make a statement in the landscape you can’t beat RED! With cooler fall temperatures comes fiery changes to many garden plants.

Here are a few of our favorites, (starting at the top, from left to right):
A vigorous climber, Boston Ivy saves its show for mid fall.
Blueberries show their best color long after the fruit has been savored.
With showy red flowers in winter, Witchhazel provides interest when other plants are winding down.
This compact shrub packs quite a punch! Elegant, elongated white flower clusters complement vibrant green foliage in spring. Neon red color adds late season fun to Little Henry Sweetspire.
Maples are known for their delightful fall colors. This Full Moon Maple develops shades of pink, orange and red on distinctive broad leaves.
Blue Muffin Viburnum is known for its profuse dark blue berries. Its rich fall color is just an added bonus!
If you’re seeking a hydrangea with a late season surprise, look no further than Color Fantasy! Deep Mahogany leaves compliment bright pink blossoms.
Rainbow Leucothoe is an aptly named shrub! This evergreen features variegated foliage whose new leaves start pink and mature to shades of speckled green. Fall adds rich reds.
Tiger Eyes Sumac makes a lovely addition to the landscape. Bright chartreuse, cut leaf foliage is striking from afar and even more exciting up close. And just when you think it can’t get any better, fall sets it alight with fiery tones of red and orange.

Diane Witchhazel (above)

Tiger Eyes Sumac

Little Henry Sweetspire