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Gravel pull through RV sites with full service hook-ups, each with a nice grass pad and picnic table. The Lake Skinner Park sits at the foot of the Bachelor Mountain and sprawls over more than 7,000 acres. Undisclosed Bakersfield, CA 93308. Clean restrooms with hot showers, and an on-site laundry. bakersfield hook ups
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We welcome 2022 with great anticipation for a new season and a more “normal” year. The Spring Fling in March, basket planting in April, Mother’s Day Sale in May, fall workshops and even Ladies Night in November, drive our planning for the year! It is our community, friends and family that fill us with hope and gratitude. We look forward to seeing everyone and growing together in

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the garden!


This is a state park without water or sewer hook-ups at sites. There is also a separate laundry room with washer and dryer hookups. Groups your friends have joined. Nearby are a host of activities including Pueblo Reservoir, Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo Zoo and the Walking Stick Golf Course. pueblo hookups
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John, Theresa, Justin & Riley Dreaney             

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                    (Sam & Blackie)

 In an effort to provide the safest experience for our community, we continue to follow the advice of our local and state health authorities.

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Garden Club

At Bremerton City Nursery we have a “Garden Club” for our friends who want to be informed of new plants, products, educational classes, fun workshops and upcoming events. We communicate during the growing season through brief weekly emails.  Members earn a dollar percentage of regularly priced plant purchases. Personal information is never sold or shared, all fields must be completed to participate.  Sign up today and start your gardening adventure with us!

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17 hours ago

Bremerton City Nursery

AZALEA ALERT!! We absolutely love deciduous Azaleas. They bring the brightest blooms to any garden. Extremely hardy and easy to care for!! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Bremerton City Nursery

Armed Forces Day SALE! 20% off all hanging baskets. Saturday and Sunday! ... See MoreSee Less

Armed Forces Day SALE! 20% off all hanging baskets. Saturday and Sunday!Image attachmentImage attachment

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Awesome and Amazing Thanks for sharing with me.

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6 days ago

Bremerton City Nursery

It’s Lupine season!! A very unique long lasting bloom. We love them. Tell us your thoughts?!! ... See MoreSee Less

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They grow wild in SE Alaska ❤️

Lupines are my favorite. Do you have any blue ones?

Those purple are spectacular.

I love Lupine. They seem so hardy! I saw them everywhere when I visited Iceland and also in Scotland.

So beautiful!

The deer ate mine!

Carrie Griffis our favorite!!


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Armed Forces Day Weekend Sale - https://mailchi.mp/122808ccf2ce/armed-forces-day-weekend-sale

1 week ago

Bremerton City Nursery

ITOH PEONY. A hybrid that is crossed with a tree peony to produce a very large and sturdy shrub that does not require any staking!! Longer lasting blooms and a magnificent foliage that will remain through the fall! Truly a show stopper. Great for cut flowers, also makes a beautiful focal point in your garden. We have several colors in stock! ... See MoreSee Less

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Approved by Montana aka Ferdinand wanting to smell the blooms of the new yellow peony

I love mine!

I’ve heard great things about these! I’ll be by this weekend to pick one out! 😃

Definitely interested 👍

These look amazing! What is the price?

Oh I think I need one of these!!

We love ours!

Amazing and Awesome Thanks for sharing with me.

Techy Zi

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