Kale Nero Toscana ORG (pack)



ORGANIC Kale “Nero di toscana” (Brassica oleracea convar. acephala var. sabellica) is a Tuscany-type, very productive and ornamental variety that produces very large rosettes consisting of elongated, fleshy, stiff and intriguingly frizzled leaves. This dark green foliage shelters the distinct, great taste and the treasure of nutrients. Kale “Nero di toscana” contains large amounts of vitamins, particularly provitamin A, vitamin C and K, as well as the anticancer agent sulphoraphane. It is indispensible in vegan and vegetarian menus as a rich source of proteins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, kalium and other minerals. 

Kale is rather picky when it comes to soil type. It requires a moist, moderately compact soil enriched with vegetable fertilizer, compost or manure. This annual plant is very sturdy at the same time and withstands frosts. 

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Kale Nero Toscana ORG (pack)

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