B&B Market BasketB&B Market Baskets are as beautiful as they are functional. They are the perfect alternative to plastic and paper bags and will protect delicate produce on their way to your kitchen from the garden, farmer’s market or store. These baskets have a 100% replacement guarantee if you should find a defect and can be reshaped with just water.

Each one of a kind basket is hand-woven in village co-ops in Ghana, West Africa. The villagers in the Bolgatanga region harvest the wild Kinkanhe grass, dry it, dye it and hand weave each basket. They are then turned over to skilled artisans who add tanned goat hide to the handles. Depending on the style and complexity of the basket and the skill of the weaver, a basket can take from four to twenty four hours to complete.

When you purchase a B&B Market Basket you can enjoy decades of dependable use, as well as the assurance of knowing that the person who made it received a living wage for their craft.

Additionally, part of the proceeds of each basket goes to Every Basket Helps which help to: